How The 4 Minim Look

Lulav: Palm Branch

You need one Lulav.
  • It should be straight.
  • The leaves should be together.
  • It should not be dried out.
  • The top should not be cut off.
  • It should be at least 15 inches long.

Hadas: Myrtle

You need 3 Hadasim for each Lulav.
  • It should be green and not dried out.
  • The top of the branch should be whole.
  • The leaves toward the top should be in clusters of three.

Arava: Willow

You need 2 Aravos for each Lulav
  • It should have long and whole leaves.
  • The edge of the leaf should be smooth.
  • The top leaf should be intact.

Esrog: Citron

You need one Esrog.
  • It should be bumpy.
  • If it grew with a Pittum then it should not be broken.
  • If the Esrog never had a Pittum, it is kosher.
  • It should be larger than an egg.
  • No part of the Esrog should be missing.